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Founded in 2005, ENVIROSAFE is committed to providing the highest quality environmental and related services to commercial and residential customers. From assessment, to inspections, testing and remediation services, the ENVIROSAFE team of environmental professionals offer years of field experience and training.


We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Honeoye, New York with a passion for safe living and working environments. We work with businesses and homeowners and provide quality inspections and solutions.

Tim Finster
Owner, Chief Environmental Officer

As Chief Environmental Office, Tim, oversees all environmental projects and works with clients to unsure quality and compliance. He also works with employees on certification and licensing as well as continuing education across the various disciplines.

Tim maintains several state and federal licenses within the environmental and home inspection industries.

Certifications & Affiliations

ENVIROSAFE has designed and installed numerous radon and volatile organic compound (VOC) extraction systems on structures to reduce dangerous levels of radon, TCE, PCE, and Methane to name a few. Structures have included everything from single family dwellings to large 500,000 sq.ft. commercial buildings that have ranged in age from the mid 1800s to newly constructed buildings.

ENVIROSAFE has been providing Mold Testing and Remediation services for 17 plus years. Since the enforcement of the New York State Mold Law 2016, ENVIROSAFE has been licensed as a Mold Remediation Contractor. We specialize in removing/ remediating the suspect mold, correcting the moisture source, and reducing the mold spore count in the air you breath to safe levels.

In summary, ENVIROSAFE takes great pride in providing a safe indoor air environment in both residential and commercial buildings.