Radon Testing & Mitigation

Radon comes from the natural decay of uranium in soil, rock, and water. It typically moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Your home traps radon inside, where it can build up. Radon is found all over the U.S. It can get into any type of building – homes, offices, and schools – and result in a high indoor radon level. You and your family are most likely to get your greatest exposure at home, where you spend most of your time.


As the temperatures drop, families spend more time indoors when the indoor radon levels are at their highest. It is a good idea to have your home tested for this lung cancer-causing radon gas.


  1. Cracks in Solid Floors
  2. Construction Joints
  3. Cracks in Walls
  4. Gaps in Suspended Floors
  5. Gaps Around Service Pipes
  6. Gaps in Walls
  7. Water Supply

Radon Testing

Testing is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk from radon. EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing all homes below the third floor for radon. EPA also recommends testing in schools. Testing is inexpensive and easy; it should only take a few minutes of your time. Millions of Americans have already tested their homes for radon.

Measuring Process

ENVIROSAFE services include continuous radon monitors to measure the presence and amount of radon in a home. Monitors are placed for a minimum of 48 hours. Results are downloaded and results are generated in minutes.

Radon Mitigation

Radon reduction systems work and they are not too costly. Some radon reduction systems can reduce radon levels in your home by up to 99%. Even very high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels.

ENVIROSAFE has the ability to lower the high radon levels in your home by installing a Radon Mitigation System using technical knowledge and special skills. There are several proven methods to reduce radon in your home, but the one primarily used is a sub slab depressurization system and fan, which pulls radon from beneath the concrete floor in the basement and vents it to the outside. During a radon mitigation install, ENVIROSAFE installs a monitor to make sure the system is always operating properly. Our craftsmanship is superior and we work with the home owner to blend the system in with surrounding elements such as down spouts, mechanical equipment and landscaping features.

ENVIROSAFE has a five-year guarantee on system performance and will ensure a reading of 2.0 pCi/L or lower on the majority of there systems. Pre-1900 homes are more difficult to get the radon below the 2.0pCi/L, so the guarantee on such homes may be 3.9 pCi/l. This level is below the 4.0 pCi/L EPA action level.


According to the US EPA and Surgeon General, Radon gas is the second largest cause of lung cancer. We devote years of experience, the best equipment and prompt and courteous service to make sure your family is safe from this deadly killer.


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